Only the road knows for sure...

This beauty is for sale. Check out what a cool $147,900 gets you.

From their site:

This 1961 Airstream Safari (dubbed “Runaround Sue”) was a rescue. We bought and renovated her with the “eco-nomad” in mind, using non-toxic materials and adding green features you’ll find on only a handful of extraordinary Airstreams.

So breathe easy and enjoy longer boondocking time in this rare and iconic camper. Here are some of her unique features:

Solar panels with deep cell batteries power most lighting, as well as the water heater, furnace, refrigerator, and fans

Cabinets, furniture, and trim were hand-crafted from gorgeous reclaimed redwood and “plyboo” — plywood made from bamboo

Lightweight soybean-based polyurethane foam insulation was added for increased air tightness, strength, and energy efficiency 

“Nylaboard” subfloor is made from recycled nylon and other materials

Flooring is Marmoleum — linseed-oil-based flooring with jute backing

All casing and trim is finished with tung oil and non-toxic solvents.

Staining is done with non-toxic aniline dyes.

Cushions in trailer are 100% natural latex, which doesn’t off-gas.  Upholstery is post-industrial and -consumer recycled polyester, and is both Cradle to Cradle Certified (overseeing sustainability) and ScS Indoor Advantage Certified (indoor air quality).

Composting toilet allows the Airstream to use a gray water tank instead of a black water tank. This means you can dump the water anywhere without environmental harm — no need to go somewhere to hose the tank out!

In order to make Sue as safe, beautiful, and comfortable as possible, we also did some extensive repair work. Sue has all new:

Water heater
Air conditioner
Propane tanks and holders

A new heavy-gauge aluminum trailer pan protects the plumbing and HVAC ducting. The interior skin received new aluminum cladding, and the original exterior skin was buffed to a mirror-like shine. 


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